La Rhune and Guéthary – mountain and beach on the same day (Part 3/3)

After a tough hike and a nourishing lunch, it was time for relaxing by the sea. I drove to a beach called Cenitz in Guéthary. A beach very dear to my wife, the kids, and I. We love coming here in every season. There is a promontory overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and a nature reserve of more than one hectare on the edge of the foreshore.

I spent some time looking at the waves and wishing I could join the surfers and ride some of those gentle waves. It was such a beautiful and warm day for November.

Then, I headed towards the port. A former whaling port occupied since Gallo-Roman times, as evidenced by the remains of a garum factory found on site. 

I wanted to have a drink and enjoy the sunset at the Ilunabar seafront bar in Parlamentia beach. Unfortunately, it´s closed this time of the year.

So, I walked back to Cenitz again and sat down on the sand. 

I didn´t want the day to end. It was getting dark and there were still so many surfers riding the waves who, probably, were thinking the same. Or perhaps, they were so focused on their activity that they didn´t realize how late it was.

In sport psychology, this mental state is called “flow” and it is achieved when athletes feel completely engaged in their performance, lose their perception of time, concentrate on the moment, and perform their best.

Whatever it was, we all seemed to have made the most of our day, and on that note, I went home.

End of Part Three (3/3)